Types of Baccarat Explained in detail


You can only play well if you what kind of Baccarat is on the table. You have the money, the odds and everything but if you don’t know the type, chances of losing are very high. Many casinos run various calibers of Baccarat and they come with various odds and stakes. It will nice only if you will have the best type in your because the best types carry best odds. It depends on where you are playing the Baccarat and how you are playing. Let’s see what can keep you busy in this thrilling game.

#1. EZ Baccarat

This happens to deviate in terms of rules of the normal Baccarat. It marries the protocols of the Punt Baccarat that happens to relate to it slightly. Instead of the banker getting paid at the odds of 19 to 20, this kind of Baccarat pays at 1 to 1 which is slightly higher compared to the normal Baccarat. You might win and still not get paid because of the strong and strict rules that are set to govern the game. If you let’s say win with 7 and you have three cards, then you have not won. That is considered a push which is not case.

#2. Punto2000/ super 6

Another thrilling and entertaining type of Baccarat that has harvested a lot of fans from across the world. In many casinos, people love it because it is simple and easy to win. It pays without any commission as many of the classical Baccarat do in the games. If you win specifically with six as a banker, then you end up getting 50 percent of the returns. This is a rule, you win with six, that is what happens but for the rest of the numbers all things are good and fine.

#4. Chemin De Fer

It was first introduced in France and it is believed to be the original type. Many of the other versions originated from this game therefore it is the blue print of all the Baccarat games. To ensure that you know all the other games, this is what you should know first. It is a game that has all the best features to keep you entertained. Let’s look at how it goes step by step. Six card decks are normally shuffled with players surrounding an oval table in it. This is then followed by the banker determining the amount of money that he or she would like to bet.

Each player has the autonomy to stake whatever amount he or she wants depending on the odds that have been put. When all the betting is done, banker deals with four cards facing down while the other two are made facing up which are for the dealers. Whoever leads the wager by the highest number is determined as the winner and is given all the earning. There are terms and conditions in every casino so you need to be sure that whatever you are taking belongs to you.

In some casinos, Baccarat is categorized in either type A or type B.  This could be any kind of Baccarat but only the terms in that casino could be varying. For example the Baccarat that you play in Royal casino is not the same one you would play when in Golden Casino. The rates and the odds differ greatly. Choose the casino that cam make you have a straight break through because some have deadly odds that can make you walk with millions with very little amount as stake. Check what suits best and you will enjoy the game.

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