Definition of soccer


Soccer is the most popular sport in the world .It has been played for many years. It is played by young and the elderly, male and female and children. It has proven to some people to be a source of their income. It can be played professionally or just for fun. Professional football has its unique mode of playing.

 Soccer is played in schools by kids for fun as a recreational activity. It is proven as a way of spending their leisure activity when they are out of classes. It is not compulsory that it follows certain stated rules. This is because it can also be played by very young kids. Professional soccer follows certain rules.Soccer is believed to have started very early in China around two thousand years after Christ. During this time it also extended to other places. They include Rome and Greece. People from these countries argue that soccer originated in their countries. It also extended to England which is today regarded as the mother to soccer. This is because it is in this country that rules governing playing of professional soccer were formed. They were formed by an association and even to date they are being used. Professional soccer made a large number of people become rich. Nowadays we have national teams playing for each country and we also have clubs formed in different zones all over the world. We have clubs in Spain, Germany, Brazil, England, France, Italy and other countries.

Soccer is played by two teams playing against each other. Each side should have eleven players. The players each has a particular role while playing. The goalkeeper has the role of ensuring that the ball doesn’t go past him or her and into the net. The defender is set to block the opponent’s passage to prevent from scoring. The midfielders supply the ball from the defenders to the strikers so that they can score. Forwards are the key players in ensuring that the team scores and are said to be goal makers. Professional soccer is inclusive of the referee and the lines men who monitor how the match is played. Each team has a coach to assist them in playing during practice sessions.

The match lasts for 90 minutes. It comprises of two halves each of forty five minutes. The game is started by a referee. He tosses the coin and whoever gets it right then his team starts the match. The other team starts for the second session of play. The players play with one objective; get the ball into the opponents net. The playground is a rectangular field measuring one hundred meters by eighty meters. The goals are set on the shorter side of the field and on both sides. A score is recorded each time one puts the ball past the goal post and into the net. If it happens that one accidentally scores in his own net then it is regarded as a goal to the opponent’s side. It is referred to as an own goal.

 Soccer demands discipline while playing. This is to avoid being punished. One can be awarded a yellow card for a small mistake and a red card for serious cases. The other team can be awarded a free kick, penalty, thrown- in or a goal kick. All game is played using the head or the feet. One can score using any part of the body excluding the hands. Practice leads to perfection. With a lot of practice then the team members are seen to be perfect on playing. Soccer is fun to many.

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